Update on grid wind turbine controller


 demingpower The on grid wind turbine controller we produced has worked for 10 years in the market. From the first on grid controller in 2016 until now, upgraded for many times. The current controller has stable performance, perfect function, gains acceptance from customers. This controller owns one patent for invention and two patents for utility models.

After extensive collection of customers advice, we made an upgrade following based on customers requirement:

Ⅰ.Replace the original LED display with LCD display

1. The images could show working state of controller visually

2. Abundant data display: real-time wind turbine voltage, ampere, solar panel voltage, ampere, DC output voltage, ampere, total power generation(the motherboard is with battery, when power off, historical data can be saved. The controller itself can record and save the power generation details for 30 days)

3. Adopt MODBUS communication protocol, convenient for the secondary development.

Ⅱ.Can adjust the controller technical spec via RS485 port, for professional customers, making adjustment for different wind turbines is available.

Ⅲ.Support WIFI and GPRS. Customers can monitor the real-time working state of on grid wind system via PC or mobile.

Our customer will also take the new controller to attend the SNCE in April, 2017 in Shanghai. Warmly welcome to experience the new function.

For more details, please kindly contact the sales.