Update solar charge controller


After two year operation, combined with customers feedback, we update the solar charge controller.

1. Voltage display precision, error is ±1V. The problem with big error is solved.

2. Current display precision, error is ±1A, the problem small current with big error is solved.

3. Multi- strings input, the solar panel voltage, current, instantaneous power, accumulated power(optional)

4.Carry out MODBUS protocol. The problem that the protocol cant be compatible with other devices is solved. It is convenient to do secondary development.

5. Add the protection function of charge module. When batteries are broken or open circuit, inverter power the loads directly via controller, the charge module wont be damaged.

6. Battery protection is added. When there is fault on charge module, disconnect the battery, to prevent the over-charge of battery(high voltage is optional)

7. The update LCD display can be applicable for 16 strings PV combiner box monitoring.

This update solar charge controller is with video, if you need it, pls contact the salesman.